In Late July, 2019, The IRS began mailing out letter 6173, letter 6174, and 6174-A to taxpayers who they believe transacted in cryptocurrency. Much of this information they received from Coinbase

Letter 6173: If you received this letter, the IRS believes you transacted in crypto and did not file a tax return or did not report your crypto transactions.

If you received letter 6173, you MUST respond by the date on the letter. If you received Letter 6173, we can help! Contact Us today!

Letter 6174: This letter indicates the IRS knows you had crypto and is making you aware of the filing requirements. If you did not file, now is the time to get compliant.

Letter 6174-A: This letter is similar to 6174, but adds that you may have incorrectly reported your transactions.

If you received any of these letters, set up a consultation today and we can walk you through the process.